Sunday, 9 February 2014

Catch up

Hello lovely blogger. Firstly let me apologise for being so quiet in January, it's been a very busy start to the year! Designjessica is going from strength to strength and the work is flooding in! I've been designing constantly since Christmas and it's been great fun. Let me show you how it's going.

I was so lucky to be commissioned to create a car sticker for the Wessex Hockey League sponsored by Investec. 500 were printed locally (I always try to support local business) and should be zipping their way around the south west soon. 

The prints and canvases through First Impressions are also becoming more popular as word spreads. I have had a lot of lovely valentines and birthday commissions. Some of which are below. I've also been at the odd wedding and Christmas fayre. It's turning out to be a really good way of getting customer feedback on what they like and don't like.

I'll keep you posted with any new designs as they come through. I've been working on a load of Childrens books recently so that should make a nice post.

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