Sunday, 14 July 2013

Feeling hot, hot, hot....

Happy July lovely followers! I can't believe how wonderful the weather has been lately. All those dark, cold, shivering days of the bleak-mid-winter seem so far off. I LOVE SUMMER!

I have taken the decision to split up my design skills as I have realised that designJessica has lost its identity a tiny bit. I originally started 'designJessica' as part of my degree show and the re-incarnated it six years later as the company embodying all things designed by me. At the time is was just my freelance work and a little bit of corporate re-branding but as the years have gone on and my personalised prints have become more and more successful I think it's time to set them off on their own little journey with their own company. First Impressions has been launched!

I'm hoping that the change geoes smoothly and not too many people notice. New clients shouldn't be confused by what the company does and it'l be much easier for people to find the company. I'm hoping it pretty much says what it does on the tin now...time will tell.

On the prints front it's been a busy time. People have been buying them especially the canvases which I am going to launch on my etsy site soon. The hand and foot prints have become very popular too.

I'm hoping that they will become a real success but don't worry, this blog will pretty much remain unchanged and stay the ramblings of designer who is now just a little bit more branded.

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