Saturday, 14 December 2013

Maira Dean and back to school...

Wow! It's December already and not even the start. Sorry lovely bloggers, I hope you haven't thought I was ignoring you, it's just been a crazy busy time here at designjessica. 

The prints and canvasses are selling well and I have now partnered up with Maria Dean to sell online. The website now sells my personalised prints and canvasses along with other quality personalised products. It's a great new partnership and I'm looking forward to making some more sales and developing the First Impressions brand even further. 

It's also meant that I have had to refine the prints and canvas design a little more, making the online ordering of the designs a little easier. It's an exciting time and I'm looking forward to seeing how far we can take it. 

I've also been spending some time up in Wolverhampton at the business school. I'm taking a business course there with the Black Country chamber of commerce and it is brilliant! The are long days and lots to learn but it really is very good and I'm hoping that I can apply some real knowledge to my business and make it a success! It's been a challenging couple of years going freelance and rebranding in a recession and in a new town but I feel that I am firmer on my feet and really enjoying being a business woman and a designer. I'm so greatful to my lovely customers and clients who have been so supportive. I couldn't do it without you. I'm hoping to post again before the end of the year, I still have so much more to tell you but in case we hit 2014 without me saying hello again I would just like to say thanks lovely followers, you're making me a very happy designer. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Pattern for Sale at Spoonflower!

The swatch of my perfume pattern has arrived and so this is now available for purchase over at Spoonflower - there's a handy shortcut button on the right of this post :) Sorry about the awful iPhone photo, it's honestly not that garish in real life!

Friday, 8 November 2013

New Canvas

I am so happy with this new canvas I have recently sent to a customer. It was originally commissioned to be a single set of handprints of her son but sadly her grandfather has become gravely sick and she commissioned a different one to commemorate all four generations coming together. I hope you like it, I'm quite glad that I was able to help her with this special design. 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blooming Stickers!

I recently designed these for craft company Blooming Felt and their stand at Alexandra Palace for the 2013 Knitting & Stitching Show. Here's the development board and the final product. It was lovely to work on such a nice colourful project and with a company who's blog I've been reading enviously for years - hoping that they ask for my help again soon.

Friday, 4 October 2013

It's all gone pull-up banner crazy!

What a busy banner week! They are proving to be very popular indeed. Here are some designs, I have also added a First Impressions one to my collection as I didn't want to feel left out!

The Beautiful Times

I have recently developed a new promotional newspaper for local Witney business The Beautiful Group. Here's the final product. 1,500 were produced to give away to Oxfordshire brides at Septembers wedding fairs.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Update

Hello lovely bloggers, it's such a nice sunny day here but it's definitely feeling autumnal! I have some news. As you might have seen below my Halloween character designs were runners up in the Spooky Scribbles competition. In celebration I am giving away 10 personalised invites over on my First Impressions page - check it out!

In other news the launch of the wedding stationery has been a huge success. Last weekend First Impresions attended its first wedding fair. It was a great weekend, we met some lovely couples and I'm really excited to work with some of them in the future. It's going to be a busy Autumn!

Sunday, 8 September 2013


I was recently contacted by Party Invitations UK to join in on their Halloween themed competition.
They're looking for a spooky character or motif to adorn a Halloween party invitation! The winner will receive...
  • £50
  • A pack of 10 personalised Halloween party invitations featuring their design
  • 10% of sales from invitations featuring their design until Tuesday 31st December 2013
  • The opportunity to star as a featured designer
  Sounds like great fun! Here is my spooky entry, fingers-crossed.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sisu Sports Therapy

I recently designed a new logo for Bath based company SISU Sports Therapy. They went on to produce a few promotional clothing products including hooded jumpers, waterproof jackets and short sleeved tops.

Friday, 23 August 2013

New Logo for Confetti Celebrations

 The lovely ladies at Confetti Celebrations commissioned me to design their new logo. They are a wedding fair organising business and wanted that classic wedding look. Here's what I came up with, it's looking quite popular!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Post from Crafty Creates

I recently signed up for the box deliveries from Crafty Creates.

Their mission? 'To fill crafters and those who create with happiness each month. Once a month, a package will come through your door. A box of wonderful craft goodies, including a craft kit and other craft samples.'

This months theme is Western. It includes an art card, a dream catchers kit, a make your own mini rope basket kit, turquoise beads, star studs, suede fringe, fleece, a bear bead, two pieces of recycled denim  and two sheets of patterned art card. Not too sure how keen I am on the western theme but I am looking forward to getting away from the mac and getting crafty! Hopefully I can show you something nice soon and I'll let you know what next months surprise holds. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A lovely mum has written a review on one of the books I helped design. I loved working on Pinkabella, she's is so PINK! Of course I also love working on all the great boys books that I get commissioned for but there is something so wonderful about Pinkabella and her lovely pink world, is it wrong to aspire to be more pink?! Anyway, check out the review, I think she liked it.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

One Year In...

Well, today is designjessica's first freelance anniversary. One year ago today I left my very comfy but not very challenging design job to see how this freelance malarkey works. Turns out it is not easy at all and it is a challenge everyday but a great challenge and an exciting one. I cannot tell you how chuffed I am with myself at making the first year a success. I've had such wonderful support from all of my friends in the flesh and of course from you lot online. Thank you all for your fantastic comments, ideas and support - you're great!

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Spotted today at the lovely Blenheim Palace. It's well posh there! Not the greatest of photos I'm afraid but I'm still very proud. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Wedding Stationery's certainly warm! Glad I am not squeezing out a monarch in this heat but best wishes to The Cambridge's. Hoping for some happy news soon. What an amazing summer 2013 is becoming, the Ashes wins, Lions wins, a 'British' winner for the tennis and the Tour de France and a tiny royal baby on the way, busy times!

I may have mentioned that I am getting married? So while I was working on my own wedding stationery I had a go at some others. I am seriously considering launching these as a new product range in the near future. I hope you like them.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Feeling hot, hot, hot....

Happy July lovely followers! I can't believe how wonderful the weather has been lately. All those dark, cold, shivering days of the bleak-mid-winter seem so far off. I LOVE SUMMER!

I have taken the decision to split up my design skills as I have realised that designJessica has lost its identity a tiny bit. I originally started 'designJessica' as part of my degree show and the re-incarnated it six years later as the company embodying all things designed by me. At the time is was just my freelance work and a little bit of corporate re-branding but as the years have gone on and my personalised prints have become more and more successful I think it's time to set them off on their own little journey with their own company. First Impressions has been launched!

I'm hoping that the change geoes smoothly and not too many people notice. New clients shouldn't be confused by what the company does and it'l be much easier for people to find the company. I'm hoping it pretty much says what it does on the tin now...time will tell.

On the prints front it's been a busy time. People have been buying them especially the canvases which I am going to launch on my etsy site soon. The hand and foot prints have become very popular too.

I'm hoping that they will become a real success but don't worry, this blog will pretty much remain unchanged and stay the ramblings of designer who is now just a little bit more branded.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well lovely bloggers, I have loads of news for you. Sorry I haven't updated you for a while but it's been a very busy month here at designjessica central! The new bespoke prints and canvases are going down a storm and everyone is very happy with them. I have expanded to include my very sought after hand and foot print designs too and the other day I designed my very first rectangular canvas!

 I have also been crazy busy with my freelancing. The steady stream of publishing work has been broken up with a few special commissions for logo designs and a very special new design for the back of a van! Remember this logo that I had previously designed for a race horse trainer in Wiltshire? While now some clever chap has added my design to the back of a van! Let me know if you're lucky enough to spot it!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

My New Venture Update

Well! My new prints and canvases have been more popular than I could ever have imagined and I am really enjoying producing them. The excitement of getting a new commission is great and I love the freedom of design it allows me. I am still designing the bread and butter stuff and really enjoying it, don't get me wrong, but I do love my new prints and seeing the final products. I have posted a few final product pictures below.