Friday, 17 August 2012

Freelance week 1

Hello lovely bloggers,
So this is it, the Friday of my first 'official' freelancing week and wow hasn't it been a busy one?! I have had meeting after meeting after meeting. I have emailed a million contacts with the hope of some work. I have even had some time to design and next week is looking even busier....the worry of never having enough work has been eclipsed by the thought that I might not be able to take it all on! You may have spotted that I have been doing a little bit of blogging too? Anyway, I am happy, life is good and if the sun could pop it hat on for a bit today I would have no complaints at all. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, my sister is coming for a visit, I can't wait!

Also, especially for my lovely Fly-boy who is a very long way-away in a very dusty place - Look! I finally finished it :)

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