Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New-ish designs

My contract with my agent has finally run out. I was really disappointed with them, they weren't very proactive and I am very happy that my designs have been released so you can see them here. They are over a year old and may look a little dated but I have big plans to spruce them up and get them sold and onto Spoonflower too.

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  1. Hey Jessica,

    Sorry to hear you've not been your shiny-est too :-( Yesterday I felt like bursting into tears over it all... I'm such a drama queen! I'm feeling more jovial today, hope you are too :-)

    Keep escaping to the blog world and keep designing! I love what you've posted recently; you say they're pieces of old work but they look fresh to me!

    Have a great weekend, WOO-HOO! FRIDAY!
    S-A x