Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cushion Cover & NY Baby!

Hello lovely bloggers. I am so excited!!! On Friday I am off to the Big Apple (see the apple?) to go to the Amnesty International Secret Policemans ball. I have been to New York before, way back in 2003 and can't wait return. Hopefully I'll see lots of inspiring artwork while over there which I can share with you. Anyone have any tips on places that can't be missed?

Now remember how I am always threatening to make some cushion covers? Well yesterday I went to the Makery, on Walcott Street in Bath and learn 'How to Sew', I had a brilliant morning. I made, from scratch, with my own fair hands (drumroll please) a cushion cover with actual real life button holes. I loved it and am now obsessed with saving enough money to get myself a sewing machine and getting creative with cloth. It'll be so nice to get off the computer and get a bit more hands on. I'll have to get some of my Spoonflower designs printed and made up, for this one I used one of The Makery's existing fabrics - I went with the strawberry's and I love it! Tonight's job will be sewing on the buttons :D

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