Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sock Give-away

Remember these little fellas? Well back in March they helped me come 2nd in the Sock-it-to-me Design-a-sock competition.

At the time I had promised you lot a little Robo-sock give away, however the design hasn't quite made it into production yet. But, all is not lost. As part of my prize they also gave me some socks and so may I introduce to you to ETTA TRON! A Robot sock of a kind and they could be all yours when you comment on this post.

I am hoping for are some tips! Some freelancing tips specifically. How do you do it? How do you contact clients and get more work? Is it worth it? That kind of thing... please help! And you too could be the proud owner of these socks.

And just because I didn't manage to get you some Robo-socks I am also throwing in some of my Christmas card packs and maybe even a designJessica notebook.

Good Luck! I shall announce the winner on Wednesday 5th October using one of those crazy online randomizser thingys!


  1. Hi, I like the socks that you designed... Hope to see them in production soon. My daughter would like the ones in your give-away. I'm not a designer so cannot offer any designer tips. But perhaps you could join a networking group in your area!

  2. Wish I could help......
    But I love your designs.

  3. talking to ppl on twitter has helped me! and get yourself some business cards!

  4. Hey Jess, Loving the socks hun, my tips would be to research those that sell funky socks like yours and see whether they have opportunities for freelancers to design socks, also it could be a good idea to look for those that manufacture socks or clothes and try and see whether they have any contact and maybe even strike up a deal with them to get a few produced so you could send samples to those or even approach some stores around Bath. And to finish it off I'd always recommend the use of twitter & linkedin too. Hope that helps :) When you back next?? x