Thursday, 1 September 2011

Apologies, designs and freebies!

My poor followers, I am sorry for being so rubbish and too busy to blog, here is a list of my excuses. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

The Man came home, he has a new medal and a slight tan, it's great to have him back :)

We also moved into a new flat over the bank holiday weekend - LOVE my new house, HATE the boxes. I just constantly fall over them, I am sure that my massive feet arnt helping the situation but seriously! Who knew that two single people coming together to tick the 'living with partner' box on forms could have so much stuff! Why does one man need so many socks, books and flat screen monitors... I however am completely justified with my three draws of toiletries and 30 odd pairs of shoes.

(btw :This is not my house, nor are these my boxes but I seem to have packed anything of any use (including my camera) into similar looking boxes)

In design news I have been busy. Very busy. I have designed some beautiful (if I say so myself) stationery for the NEC's Autumn Fair this weekend, including a massive range of Keep Calm products. Not just notebooks, but oven gloves, teatowels, mugs, storage boxes, folders... you name it, it's been 'Kept Calm'.

In BIG design news I got to re-design the company logo at work! Da da daaaaa! And here it is...
I feel very proud :) I have never had the chance to do this before and it's so nice to see that it works.

Now then. Remember Robo-socks? My sock design that came second in the last Sock-it-to me competition? Well unfortunately they werent able to manufacture my sock. However they were lovely enough to send me the five pairs of socks I won as part if the competition and now that I am over 50 followers (despite my rubbish August blog efforts) I have decided to give a pair of them, and quite possibly some of my stationery away as soon as they arrive. Will get posting when they do.
Now, I am off to my first hockey training of the year, Autumn must be upon us.

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