Friday, 5 August 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Not quite Christmas yet, although I know a lot of you are busy with Christmas designs, it's Birthday time! On Sunday I turn 21 (+ 6), that's right folks, I am crashing into my late 20's! Arrggghhh! Frightening stuff!

For the big day I will be running around a soggy hockey pitch (yes, in August) slightly sunburnt and drunk from the day before and I am going to love it! Nowhere I would rather be to be honest with you. I shall have my gorgeous man, my best friends and a jug of snakebite... three of my favourite things, what a classy bird I am.

Anyway, in celebration of this day I thought I'd share with you this biscuit website, how amazing are these?! I'd love them ot be delivered to me. I am not much of a cake eater, in fact just the thought of cake makes me feel a little bit sick, but biscuits are yummy! Also this lady here makes the most amazing cookie designs. Love them!

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