Tuesday, 19 July 2011


O-M-G my lovely bloggers in two weeks, that's 14 sleeps I shall finally get my boyfriend back from the RAF! I am so excited. I am rubbish at sharing and they have had him for 2 whole months?!?! I can't wait.

The best news is (if all goes to plan, which it rarely seems to do, military timing my arse!) that he'll be back in time for our Birthdays! This year I have decided to treat myself to a 'Cushion Making Session' at the Makery to kick start my pillow making that I am always threatening to do - remember the butterflies and the Father Ted?

Well now that I am all set up on Spoonflower I can print my own fabrics and after a magical sewing session may actually be able to make some cushions... watch this space!


  1. What happy exciting news! And the pillow making sounds so fun.
    Happy almost birthday