Thursday, 16 June 2011

Something to ponder...

A few months ago I posted my spit! Which is probably the oddest thing I have ever sent through Royal Mail but it was for a very good cause. The Anthony Nolan trust has now popped me on their bone marrow donations register so that I can possibly help little girls like Alice. By now most of you should have seen Alice's Bucket List blog. The very first thing on her list is 'To make everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor', so I thought I'd just bring it to everyone's attention. It's easy (you apply online and post your spit) it's free, painless and you could actually save someone's life! How cool is that! Superman-tastic! And by the sounds of things the donating bit isn't too bad either.

There must be equivalent charities all over the world, so maybe have a little think about it, if I am brave enough to consider it then everyone can.

This week is also National Blood Week! Vampire's unite!
Actually it's for donating blood... which I did for the very first time a few months ago, it was great but I seem to have some odd need to give my liquids away! I would certainly recommend that, also free and pretty painless, plus you get as many chocolate Bourbons as you can eat, I had 6! Certainly worth the trip.

Anyway, these little things that you can do if you want are free and the best charity I can think of in a recession, I'd recommend both of them, especially for the quality of biscuit!

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