Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Careful Now...

I have been doing some Irish based ideas at work, I can't show you what they are yet, but I will. The Father Ted quotes I used didn't get past the ideas stage with my boss, so I have taken them and added my own slant.

With an Irish father and boyfriend it was only a matter of time before this happened really.

In July The Man and myself are moving into our own little house together (Gasp!) and these will make a great moving in present for him. He LOVES Father Ted, I think it reminds him of home so these will be right up his street and will probably make great presents for his parents too. So on my birthday present list please, I would like a shiny new sewing machine please... ( He'll be reading this :) )


  1. love love love love! and love father ted! God it cracks me up!
    Great work. Really love it!
    Clare x

  2. love them! Father Ted is my all time fave comedy :0))

  3. small....or far away?
    Fantastic :-)