Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spring Fair 2011

I popped up to Birmingham for the Spring Fair on Monday. It was a great day, everything was so inspiring and it was fab to see all the new 2011 trends and also to see my own work on display on the Robert Frederick stand.

There seems to be a massive wedding/national/Olympic/patriotic/stick a flag on anything that sells trend at the moment. Jan Constantine has always done a fantastic job of it, I love her work but clearly so does everyone else, there were flags everywhere!

Jan Constantine above obviously...
 And these great range of Brit Balms by Mad Beauty

And these Big Jack Colour Pupper Bumperstops from Wish.Original

Rex International seems to be cashing in too

I REALLY like that bunting!

So, Brit-ness is popular again, well on this little isle anyway. I'd be interested to know what everyone thinks further away... will the Olympics sweep us back into the glory years of Brit Pop? I'd really love that!

Also, tonight I am off for a meeting with my neighbours. On the 29th April we are closing our little street and having a jelly laden, old lemonade and cream cake filled street party for the Royal Wedding. Its all very exciting and very 1970's if you ask me, I can't wait, everyone loves a wedding especially the British it would seem.

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  1. I went up yesterday and also noted the Brit inspired theme in various forms! I know they've been about for a while but I'm still not too keen on the Olympic mascots!
    Glad you had a good time too, it was so motivating! Really feel like I'm bursting with ideas and enthusiasm! xxx