Monday, 17 January 2011

Time to Man-up!

Not wanting to drag you all down with me but today is apparently the most depressing day of the year... and this morning it certainly was. I was woken 4 minutes before my alarm went off (so annoying!!!) by heavy rain thrashing against the window, and what's worse it is Monday, my least favourite day. Mondays mean four more grey, miserable, early mornings and no lye-in until Saturday. The 17th January was not going well... humph, what could possibly pick me up?

It's taken one very expensive trip to Karen Millen (hooray for credit cards), The Man singing me Annie tunes (far too funny), the planning of the Best valentine's weekend ever (2nd only to last years Paris trip) an awful lot of blueberry bon-bonne sweets (I have a very blue tongue) and the arrival of my first ever Robert-Frederick notebook designed especially by me! And I love it! What a trendy, classy, sophisticated traveling notebook it is, even if misery guts herself (moi) does say it!

You can find the rest of the range here if you'd like a little gander. I like them, I hope you do too, I'll post some more when they arrive.

So Grey Monday has not turned out too bad all in all in fact, thanks to an awful lot of E-numbers and a visit from the stationary fairy.

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  1. Reassuring to know that I'm not the only one!! Time to Man up indeed! Hope you have a lovely weekend full of beautiful things :-) Nanny s-a xxx