Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pease... Peas... please?!?

I had a lovely night last night. I pottered around the (freezing but beautiful) Christmas Market with the girls from my new work (who are ace by the way, I have really fallen on my feet as far as work colleges go!) and then after a quick whiz on the merry-go-round (yes, I am a grown up and no, there weren't that many children on it but it's ok as there were also another 15 grown women who were on it as well. I shall call it networking, very fun networking!) I popped over to Pizza Express for dinner with my old work ladies.

Last night was pikey Wednesday, 2-4-1 Pizza's at Pizza Express and it was yummy! I was sat opposite Jenny Ellory, who I had worked with during my time at Portico. She now works as a full time freelancer and her work is wonderful, I'd take a look here if I were you.

Anyway, she suggested that I change my 'pease' to 'peas' as it just looks as though I cant spell, and so I did, and here it is again, amended as requested.

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