Saturday, 18 December 2010


I just wanted to post this now before I blink and it's this time next week and it's the big day. I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope that wherever you are even if you are snowed inside or sitting on the beach melting that you all have a lovely and most importantly a relaxing day.

My philosophy this year is this - as long as I spend it with the people that really matter to me and everyone has a good time then that will be a bloody good Christmas, no fuss, no worries just some good, quality time with the important people. We may eat our own body weight in turkey and scoff a few tonnes of Quality Street as well but most of all we will all be happy together and I hope that you have a very HAPPY Christmas too! Above is a Smiling Seasonal Sprout to get you in the mood and Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without... well Jesus, obviously... but also it's just not Christmas without a bit of Bing.


And of course this...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Well! My new job is brilliant but super-noodle busy! I have designed some Christmas cards for 2012, it's so much easier doing it in December rather than in July which is when I usually end up doing them. This isn't the only difference, this time they are letting me put my name on them! Now this really is a big deal. In all of my previous jobs it was frowned upon for anyone to have any printed to their own work and apart from squeezing my initials into numerous Disney word searches I have never been allowed to add my name, until today! Six of my very own designed Christmas cards will be off to print sometime in the next week. How exciting! Here are some tiny snippets of them, they will of course be followed by the real thing as soon as I have them in my hot little hand and have checked it's OK with the new Boss Man.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pease... Peas... please?!?

I had a lovely night last night. I pottered around the (freezing but beautiful) Christmas Market with the girls from my new work (who are ace by the way, I have really fallen on my feet as far as work colleges go!) and then after a quick whiz on the merry-go-round (yes, I am a grown up and no, there weren't that many children on it but it's ok as there were also another 15 grown women who were on it as well. I shall call it networking, very fun networking!) I popped over to Pizza Express for dinner with my old work ladies.

Last night was pikey Wednesday, 2-4-1 Pizza's at Pizza Express and it was yummy! I was sat opposite Jenny Ellory, who I had worked with during my time at Portico. She now works as a full time freelancer and her work is wonderful, I'd take a look here if I were you.

Anyway, she suggested that I change my 'pease' to 'peas' as it just looks as though I cant spell, and so I did, and here it is again, amended as requested.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ah, I am a terrible blogger, I have been so busy I just haven't had the time to do this. Even now, when I should be spending some quality time at the Christmas Market with my oldest friend I am trying to squeeze in a hundred things. Luckily it's raining and Christmas Market Saturday - synonymous in Bath as the busiest day of the year, and one where town needs to be avoided! So we are sat on my bed, slanket deployed watching Mrs. Doubtfire while I attempt to catch up with my blogging, before X-factor, the main reason for a Saturday evening.

After a last minute and well deserved holiday in Egypt I started my new job. It's fantastic! Week one went very well, I have been super busy designing a range of travel stationary which should be off to print next week. It's all good.

I am going to make a huge effort to blog something creative soon, I just need to survuve the last Christmas rush, parties and epic Christmas card writing session and I shall be back to my normal bloggy self soon.