Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Humphrey the camel has one humph... and red eyes!

The Man's back... hooray! What? You didn't notice he'd gone? Well clearly you haven't seen me in a while. I have bored my family and friends to tears talking about how much I missed him. He was away with work, quite a normal occurrence. I think I have mentioned before that he is an RAF type man and as with all RAF types they are always popping around the world. This time it was hot and humid for him, from the sounds of things they just played a lot of volleyball, drank cool beers in the sun and did very little flying... I'd like a job like that please?
But I do keep reminding myself that I love what I do and by no means would I like to be stuck in some of the other unsavory places he's made to go.

Anyway, the good news is he brought back presents! I have a beautiful and soft pashmina and a Humphrey the psycho Camel... yes, Humphrey because he has a hump and psycho because when you put 3 AA batteries in his zipped tummy his eyes glow bright red and he chants something in Arabic... classic psycho if you ask me! Where or why that was his choice of present is beyond me. Of course I love Humphrey, he'll make a great edition to the clan but maybe I shall skip the batteries... he's just too frightening!

Good to have you back Ex

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