Thursday, 30 September 2010

Look... how beautiful

My fantastic sister brought this home for me today from our house in Cheltenham and I LOVE It!
Isn't it beautiful? I love all of the little details and the fact that it has it's original instruction manual. I know that they mass produced millions of them but I love mine so much!

Sorry, it is a very ugly photo!

At the moment I have no idea how to use it but my brain is already overflowing with things I'd like to make with it. First will be a present for said sister to say thank you and secondly I am going to make a stuffed penguin doorstop for The Man. Oh, I can't wait! Lets hope there are some good instructions on You Tube on how to thread the thing!

Also, I found a website where you can print your own patterns onto fabric! Now that combined with my new Singer could be wonderful, I'm seriously considering making some butterfly pillows as everyone seems to want one, including myself and some fruit badges.

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