Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Burning down the house...

There seems to be a set of questions that people always ask while trying to get to know you... what's your favourite colour? what hobbies do you have? where else in the world would you rather be?... blah, blah blah... and I like to think have a quick and interesting answer for all of them (blame a very intense speed dating session, thank goodness I found the man!)... however I have a rehearsed but rather dull answer for the question 'Who or what would you save if your house was burning down?'.
Now the usual answers of, your children, parents, other half, pets, photos... etc. would be perfectly fine, but as I do not live with or have any of these.... alas, the mind boggles! My generic answer of 'my computer' gets me off in most cases however this is far from the real answer.

For my sins, the object that I would save from my burning house would in fact be my first edition High School Musical Star Secrets, the Ultimate Guide to the lives of the East High Crew (© Disney and Parragon Books, Ltd. 2008), designed by yours truly and fantastically written by my good friend Ellie Hawken (she'll be the next J.K. Rowling, and is the author of the brilliant Will Solvit).

It's very cheesy, and the design of it nearly killed me and my friendship with Ellie (I swear it was more stressful than a relationship) but here, in all it's day glow Disney HSM glory is my object to risk life an limb for...

...and if you like what you see I am pretty sure you can buy it here (I don't get commission just in case you thought I was plugging it!), which begs the question why save it at all when I can just buy a new one on Amazon?

Interestingly my friend Diggers get to know you question is 'Would you rather have tennis racket arms or golf stick legs?'... one to consider in the future.

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